“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson

The human race has been hugely successful in exploiting the world’s natural capital to our own ends.

Food and farming, which for so long has relied on high chemical inputs, mechanical assistance and forced yield increases has moved to the point where planet earth can no longer support this phenomenon. The negative externalities linked to these processes have contributed directly towards a warming climate, higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere, global sea level rises, extraordinary climatic events and the degradation of our biodiversity.

There is no Planet B

Agrifood Tech has the potential for unprecedented positive impact. Together we can reform the food value chain to ensure global food security for generations to come, whilst preserving precious ecosystems and generating outsized financial returns. Our core belief is that sustainability and commercial prosperity in the food and farming sector are inextricably linked.

Here at the Cibus funds, we are proud to be contributing to the dynamic future of agriculture – more food, better food, with less impact on our planet. The two funds that make up the strategy are the Cibus Funds, which focuses on mid-market growth equity and buy-out opportunities, and the Cibus Enterprise Funds, which prioritises Agrifood Tech investments.


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The Cibus funds exist to channel capital towards companies that are charting the future of food. We focus on companies using innovative technology to disrupt food production, increase resource efficiency and ensure sustainability.

ISO Group

Investment Date: July 2021
ISO Group is a Dutch farming robotics company providing robotic, vision systems and AI to sort, grade, plant and propagate...

Rem3dy Health

Investment Date: April 2021
Rem3dy health is a fast-growing personalised nutrition company offering a range of high quality vitamin gummies made with its patented...


Investment Date: March 2021
Ostara’s proprietary technology recovers nutrients from industrial, agricultural and municipal wastewater treatment streams and transforms them into a new granular...

New opportunities reveal themselves each day as we learn more about food, farming and sustainability. We are proud to be a part of exciting opportunities for change across Agrifood Tech, Agriculture and Aquaculture.

Agrifood Tech


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