Sustainability is core to the Cibus Fund. Our eight core ESG criteria are integrated into our due diligence and form part of the ongoing operating framework of any portfolio company.

The Cibus Fund will seek to ensure that portfolio companies take a proactive approach in greenhouse gas reduction, water efficiency, soil preservation, animal welfare, ocean welfare, pollution reduction and poverty mitigation and will negatively screen companies that cannot, or will not, recognise the Cibus Fund’s ESG and sustainability policies.

We will track our portfolio companies against our own ESG criteria and the eight IFC Performance Standards.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction

Focus: companies will focus on decreasing GHG emissions through more energy efficient production models such as zero till for grains

Soil Preservation

Focus: companies will seek to adopt latest technologies such as rotational grazing, zero till and tailored fertiliser regimes

Water Efficiency

Focus: companies will reduce water use by adopting more efficient systems such as zero till for grains and drip irrigation with moisture probes for permanent crops

Animal Welfare

Focus: companies must comply with IFC or similar animal welfare standards including housing, feed, water supply and ventilation standards

Ocean Welfare

Focus: the Fund seeks to invest into sustainable aquaculture to relieve pressure from natural fish reserves. Target conversion efficient production models

Pollution Reduction

Focus: target business adopting latest technologies to reduce water, chemical, fertiliser, GHG and effluent pollution


Focus: the Fund will not invest in businesses using illegal labour or operating outside local employment standards and regulations including housing

Poverty Mitigation

Focus: Economic development through company growth creating employment opportunities and by improving knowledge transfer across the value chain


The Cibus Fund and our portfolio investee companies focus on eight core sustainability criteria identified by the IFC. Using sustainability experts our investments develop and execute best practice sustainability plans to manage risk and ensure responsible environmental stewardship.

We work with our portfolio companies toward waste reduction, which we believe will bring benefits for growth, employment, resource dependency, health and the environment.

We will look to portfolio companies that develop new protein sources, indoor farming and agricultural practices that regenerate soil and ecosystems.