The Cibus Funds Launches its First Annual Sustainability Report

The Cibus funds, which specialise in sustainable food and agriculture investments, announces the launch of its first Annual Sustainability Report, discussing the sustainability impact objectives of its portfolio of investments.

The report demonstrates how the Cibus funds integrate sustainability into portfolio companies using a proprietary ‘Environmental and Social Management System’ (‘ESMS’). The Cibus funds’ ESMS documents the management and mitigation of ESG risks and outlines the opportunities throughout the investment cycle.

ESG is at the core of the Cibus funds investment process. The report details the eleven new portfolio companies acquired in 2021, the problems they solve for and the resulting impact across the food and farming sectors. It also addresses sustainable themes like natural capital, biodiversity, the mitigation and reduction of agricultural GHG emissions, food and water waste reduction and improving water quality.

Key highlights include:

  • A defined impact measurement and management strategy, improved ESG data collection and updated governance systems and committees by using the proprietary ESMS
  • A UN SDGs alignment map, 88% of Cibus fund companies are aligned with 4 or more UN SDGs
  • Aligned reporting with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures recommendation (10 tonnes of CO2/USDm)
  • Examples of how portfolio companies KPIs are aligned to, and exceeding, the firm’s Impact objectives

Georgie Thomas, ESG Associate at the Cibus funds said: “Today, the food and farming sectors account for over one third of GHG emissions in the world, yet EU taxonomy does not recognise agriculture’s role in mitigating climate change in a GHG emissions framework. This is a crucial area for improvement and we recognise the vital part the Cibus funds can play in supporting the industry in its transition to a more sustainable future. This is why the Cibus funds are committed to supporting all of our portfolio companies to tackle their associated emissions.”

Rob Appleby, Founder and CIO of the Cibus funds, added: “We are very pleased to be launching the Cibus funds’ first Annual Sustainability Report. This is a giant step in the right direction as we try to manage risks and capitalise on the opportunities afforded to us in the world of food and agriculture. If we can find ways to reward farmers for doing the right thing by the planet, we have the potential to change the entire way we look at agricultural systems.”

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