Cibus Capital Announces the Publication of its Second Sustainability Report

August 2023, London: Cibus Capital LLP (‘Cibus Capital’), the advisor to the sustainable food and agriculture Cibus funds, is delighted to announce the release of its 2022 Sustainability Report.

Building on the success of last year’s inaugural report, Cibus Capital’s second annual report has been prepared with a focus on transparency and accountability for the sustainability initiatives within the Cibus funds and their underlying portfolio of investments. The report offers a thorough overview of the Cibus funds’ portfolio companies’ alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (‘UN SDGs’) as well as the Cibus funds’ own impact objectives.  It showcases the Cibus fund’s holistic approach to impact, offering insights into the companies added to the portfolio in 2022 as well as compelling case studies from the existing portfolio.

A highlight of this year’s report is the introduction of  Cibus Capital’s comprehensive Theory of Change. The Theory of Change serves as a roadmap, illustrating how the companies within the Cibus funds’ portfolios can generate positive social and environmental impacts. It acts as a bridge between challenges and solutions, connecting investments to the Cibus funds’ desired outcomes in both the short and long term. Importantly, it provides a clear set of indicators that enables Cibus Capital to track progress towards the Cibus funds’ ultimate goal of a reliable and sustainable food system.

The report also openly reflects on the challenges and setbacks faced over the year, from the complexities of data collection for accurate reporting to the lack of standardised ESG data definitions. In the report, Cibus Capital outlines the Cibus funds’ dedication and commitment to transparent reporting, not glossing over obstacles or setbacks faced throughout the funds’ ESG journey. It highlights the importance of quality engagement with portfolio companies and stakeholders while ensuring that targets and KPIs are reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and realistically achievable.

Robert Appleby, Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cibus Capital said, “This year’s report delves into the heart of the Cibus funds and lays bare their mission to transition food and agriculture production for a sustainable future. These reports celebrate our successes as well as identifying where we need to do better and should serve as artifacts in Cibus’ continuous evolution.”

Georgina Thomas, Senior ESG Associate and author of the report said, “This report not only reviews our performance throughout the past year, but also examines the challenges we encountered and outlines the refinements we have made in order to meet the evolving demands of a rapidly changing world.”

“In this year’s report, we underscore our commitment to addressing crucial issues such as biodiversity loss, regenerative agriculture and social  impact, as we reflect on the milestones achieved, challenges overcome and lessons learned on Cibus’ journey to a more sustainable future.”