ADM Capital leads USD 5m funding round into nanobubble technology company, Moleaer

London, UK: ADM Capital Europe, the London-based private equity firm, is pleased to announce that its Cibus Fund (“Cibus”) has led a USD 5m funding round for Moleaer, acquiring a minority stake in the leading manufacturer of industrial-scale nanobubble generators.

Moleaer’s nanobubble generators super-saturate virtually any gas into any liquid and produce trillions of nanobubbles, each less than 200 nm in diameter. Bubbles of this size exhibit extraordinary properties including neutral buoyancy, high oxygen transfer efficiency, a strong negative surface charge, and an enormous surface area per unit volume. These unique properties are proven to help farmers grow more crops, oil and mining companies recover more valuable resources, and industries efficiently treat water and wastewater.

The new funding will enable Moleaer to scale up its production to meet the demand from the food, energy, and water industries, which represent a total available target market in excess of $12bn, as well as further its commercial expansion across Europe and the Americas.

Cibus is a unique, global agribusiness investment strategy, investing in companies powering the agricultural revolution. To date, Cibus has made seven investments in sustainable food processing and production companies.

The funding round also included existing investor Energy Innovation Capital.

Commenting, Alastair Cooper, Senior Investment Director at the Cibus Fund said: “Cibus Fund is excited to work with Moleaer and support the Company’s efforts to solve the challenges that the world’s food sector faces. Moleaer has already demonstrated that their nanobubble technology enables farmers to grow crops in a more efficient and sustainable way, positively impacting the food sector’s ability to sustain a growing global population. Cibus Fund’s relationships within agriculture and food production will help Moleaer expand their presence within these industries through improved irrigation water quality for indoor and outdoor farming, better respiration for fish and mollusks in aquaculture, and all-natural treatment for food safety.”

Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer, said: “Moleaer strives to help customers within the Water, Energy, Food nexus, the global interconnection of water, energy, and food. In just two years of commercial activity, Moleaer has demonstrated the value of nanobubbles with over 200 systems installed in commercial greenhouses, wastewater treatment plants, produced water treatment facilities, and mining operations. With this new funding and Cibus Fund’s expertise in agriculture and the global food supply chain, we will continue to expand our capability to support agriculture customers, and venture into new applications where nanobubbles create significant value.”

Kevin Skillern, Energy Innovation Capital, said: “Moleaer continues to demonstrate the enormous potential for nanobubble technology to transform how the Energy, Wastewater and Ag industries tackle their toughest water challenges. We look forward to continuing to support Moleaer’s growth into new applications and markets.”

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Moleaer develops industrial-scale nanobubble generators that enhance processes to enable radical change in the economics of indoor farming, metal separation, wastewater treatment and oil recovery. The Company’s nanobubble technology enables customers to responsibly increase productivity by fundamentally changing how gases are utilized to enhance industrial systems, eliminate chemicals, save energy and treat water. Moleaer’s plug-and-play nanobubble generator has proven to help farmers grow more crops, oil and mining companies recover more valuable resources, and industries efficiently treat water and wastewater.  For more information, visit