The objective of the Cibus Fund is to identify and invest into companies that have a demonstrable advantage in their chosen sector of the food chain, have a survivability bias in volatile markets by being cost competitive and are working toward the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

The Cibus Fund has a thought leading investment team that believes in sustainable investing across Europe and Australasia.

The Cibus Fund will focus on equity, protected equity and equity-linked debt investments in European and Australasia (lesser focus on USA and Canada) food chain companies that can increase returns at home and in high-growth developing markets.

The Cibus Fund will look to capture value through horizontal, vertical and geographical expansion, coupled with the adoption of disruptive technologies, methods and international best practices.

The Cibus Team has developed a focused investment strategy aimed at capturing equity value created by food producers and processors as they expand and diversify into new markets and sectors of the food production chain.

The Cibus Fund will target companies along the entire supply chain with business activity focused on primary inputs, production, processing, value adding, logistics and distribution.

The Cibus Funds’ core focus areas include proteins, fruits, vegetables and nuts based on strong growth in import replacement and export opportunities.

The Cibus Team will add value through improving portfolio company management, governance, financing, food safety, ESG performance, sustainability and rapid adoption of international best practices and technologies.

Board positions to guide material decisions, optimise strategy and influence operations via quarterly board and monthly operational meetings.

Utilise our industry expertise and global networks to develop resilient growth-focused strategies via export market expansion and bolt on acquisitions driving horizontal, vertical and geographical expansion and always having regard for implications for eventual exit.

Use internal and external industry expertise to improve margins and profitability. Align management with short and long-term incentive plans including KPI’s with rigorous and transparent monthly and quarterly reporting.

Work with portfolio company management and ESG experts to develop and execute ESG action plans which include measuring key ESG KPIs to improve the ESG performance of portfolio companies. We aim to make all aspects of the portfolio companies activities more sustainable.

Depending on the nature of the investment, the Cibus Team’s involvement will range from working with portfolio company management to provide broad strategic and operational advice, through to a more considered approach that sets portfolio company direction and manages closely the development and implementation of strategic, operational, commercial and financial initiatives.

The Cibus Team has particular expertise in identifying food-chain companies whose profitability can be enhanced through the development and implementation with management, of disruptive strategies that create and capture value in the food supply chain.

The Investment Adviser’s approach to value creation and capture falls broadly across three objectives: margin growth, sales growth and balance sheet efficiency. ADM Capital has been able to generate margin growth in existing portfolio companies of other funds by financing vertical and horizontal growth strategies, thereby reducing per unit production and processing costs.