Sustainable Investing in Food and Farming White Paper

The average global temperature is set to increase by 3.4-3.7 degrees centigrade; not the 1.5 degrees temperature rise the International Panel on Climate.

Change says we should not exceed; precipitation patterns are more extreme but also more volatile and biodiversity loss is having a huge impact on pollination potential, vital for approximately 70 of the top 100 food crops we eat today. Against this backdrop the Cibus Fund started in 2016 with the view that sustainability and commercial prosperity in the food and farming sector are inextricably linked. We believe an approach that reflects this is the only viable hope of both addressing the challenges we face in producing more food with limited resource, including land, and capitalising on the investment opportunities in agriculture’s changing landscape.

The two funds that make up the strategy are the Cibus Fund, which focuses on growth equity opportunities, and the Cibus Enterprise Fund, which prioritises agri-food tech investments. Both share the principle that financial capital should be provided to companies that have found innovative ways to produce better food with fewer negative externalities and efficient resource use.

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