Investment Advisory Team

Alastair Cooper
Head of Venture, London
Annie Rainsford
General Counsel, London
Archie Burgess
Senior Investment Associate, London
Aurore Gil
Investment Director, London
Benoit Boisseuil
Investment Director, London
Damon Petrie
Consultant Investment Director, Sydney
Fiamma Pasanisi
Investment Associate, London
Fred Appleby
Investment Associate, London
Georgina Thomas
ESG Associate, London
Hugo Kelly
Senior Investment Associate, London
Imogen Talbot
Marketing Analyst, London
Jason Silm
Head of Agriculture, London
Jeremy Alun-Jones
Chief Operating Officer, London
Katie Hughes
Head of Investor Relations and Business Development, London
Olga Teteruk
Consultant Senior Investment Associate, Kyiv
Priyesh Malavia
Financial Controller, London
Robert Appleby
Founder and Chief Investment Officer, London
Susie Harrison
Office Manager, London
Tarquin Stephenson
Venture Analyst, London
Terence Ngwerume
Consultant Investment Analyst, Sydney
Tom Ritchie
Investment Director, London

The Cibus Capital Advisory Board

Lisa Genasci
CEO ADM Capital Foundation & Sustainability, Hong Kong
Justin Mundy
Adviser to the Cibus LP Advisory Committees